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Our professional and detailed house cleaning service can make all the difference in the world. You can return to a sparkling clean and orderly home, relax and enjoy the evening, then turn into a crisply made bed. Our clients’ preferred house cleaning services are at weekly or bi-weekly intervals with at least 3 hours devoted to perfecting your home.

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Our clients appreciate our stellar services for 5-star resort results.  With a single call we’ll take on full responsibility for all aspects of post-construction cleaning down to the finest of details.The first priority is thoroughly removing construction dust from living spaces, garages, and basements. Construction dust is so abrasive that it can even scratch tempered glass. And we’ll use the right green cleaning products to deal with residues such as excess adhesives.  We’ll then proceed with cleaning services floor to ceiling with complete interior detailing.  Our professional cleaning consultants are experienced in cleaning all types of different surfaces.


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We also Specialize in decluttering and organizing.

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“AMB Services are the best. Not only did they deliver my work on time they even cared for my dog!”
A Smith – Neighbour

“I don’t like people, but I make an exception for ABC Agency. They’re pretty damn cool.”
Brian Jones,  America Big Corporation

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